Communication is everything.

We are here to talk about your book – what you envision, what you expect, and how we can help you reach your goals for your book. No Surprises – we will outline all estimated costs and a timeline for your project before we get started. We are here to provide personal and professional service to make the process of publishing your book enjoyable.

Our designers have an average of 25 years of design and layout experience in the music and publishing industries. With a full understanding of the printing process, your files are ensured to be set up to your printer's specifications for reliable and accurate printing.

Our Process

  • The first thing we do is talk about your book. If you have any ideas for the design or layout of your book, we will discuss them, and you are welcome to show us examples of things you like or other books in your genre. This is an important exchange that will help us understand your book, your audience and how we can get you the best book design possible. If you have any questions about the process or industry norms, we are happy to help wherever we can.
  • Based on our discussion about your book we will start researching the best way to design your book and reach your goals. We will look at other books in your genre, research your audience and start gathering design ideas that will make your book appealing to your audience and stand out in a crowded book market. During this time, we might have some questions for you that we need clarification on or missed asking in our initial dialog.
  • This is our favorite part. We take everything that we have talked about and researched to develop our initial ideas into book designs. We get to bounce our ideas around with our colleagues in our studio and refine them to provide multiple options. We present our initial design comps as PDF files to review. Sometimes one of our initial designs is perfect right away, but for most of our projects we will use the author's input to refine the design until we reach a great design for the book.
  • Once the design for the book is established, we layout the book with Adobe InDesign®. This is the industry standard layout program and allows us to provide consistently accurate files for printers as well as formats for e-readers. This layout will be created consistent to your printer's specifications. Any photo or image processing will be completed and placed alongside text. When you see it next, it will be just as it would be if printed.
  • We will provide PDF files to you to show the complete layout of your book. From here the author can give feedback in general terms as well as specific edits noted by commenting on the PDF file. This could be typos or edits that might have been missed in the manuscript. We will revise as needed and send PDF files back to the author with the corrections made. Usually 1 or 2 rounds of revisions are all that is needed to get the book finished and ready.
  • Let's wrap this up. Once everything looks just right, the author will give their final approval and we will collect all the files necessary for printing the book along with any e-reader formats requested. File will be output per the printer’s specifications (usually a PDF) with pre-flight checks to ensure that the files will print as intended. We guarantee our work, and promise to provide files that will be accepted/approved by your printer.